Regarding the display is disturbed on CELSYS products in Windows 7

We have received a report from customers and confirmed that in Windows 7, this symptom occurs under a certain condition when applying WindowsUpdate KB4034664.

According to the latest fixes preview from Microsoft, known issues is if a machine has more than one monitor connected will experience rendering issues, and the workaround is provided.

If a symptom has occurred, please attempt one of the following two workarounds, and check whether it is improved.

・Setting for the [Enable desktop composition] check box.

  1. [Windows Start] -> Right click on the [Computer], select [Properties] in the displayed menu.
  2. Click on [Advanced system settings] of the displayed screen.
  3. On the [Advanced] tab of the screen, press the [Settings] button under [Performance].
  4. On the [Visual Effects] tab of the screen, check [Enable desktop composition] under [Custom] to finish the setting.

・Under [Display] setting, arranging Sub Display under the Main Display, or on the right-hand side. (Placing Sub Display on positive coordinates relative to the Main Display)

  1. Right click on the desktop screen, and choose [Screen Resolution] on the displayed screen.
  2. On the displayed screen, please arrange Sub Display under the Main Display, or on the right-hand side.

We were informed by users and confirmed that, if you have selected "Windows Classic" or "High Contrast" as the theme. Symptom will still occur even if you arrange the above setting.

If you have selected "Windows Classic" or "High Contrast", please attempt to select another theme before using it.

Serial number

Where can I find the serial number of the purchased product?

Purchase with PayPal

The serial number (or sometimes called the license number) will be sent to the email address registered to your PayPal account. It will be included in the email message sent to you following purchase.

Purchase with other payment options

The serial number will be shown on the confirmation screen at the completion of the purchase. You will also receive an email which contains your serial number.
If you do not receive the email please contact our Support team.

The serial of the purchased software has not been delivered.

Your serial number will be sent to the registered email address of your PayPal account if you purchased with PayPal or to the email address you entered if you purchased with other payment options.

How many computers can I register under one serial number?

Up to two computers can share a single serial number under the following conditions.


  1. The two computers must be owned and administered by a single user.
  2. Use of the product is limited to the primary user and one supplementary user appointed by the primary user.
  3. The software must NOT be used simultaneously on the two machines.
  4. The two computers may have different OS (e.g. Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8). Please refer to the official conditions of use provided in the End-User License Agreement. If you wish to use the product on three or more computers, please purchase additional licenses.

If I purchase a new PC, can I authenticate with my existing serial number?

Yes. The Clip Studio Paint license allows you to activate and use the software on two computers with the same serial number as long as the software does not run simultaneously and it’s being used by the same user. 

If you need to activate a license with a third computer for an unforeseen reason such as the breakdown or replacement of a PC, you can re-authenticate two computers after deleting the previous authentication.

I have a license for the Japanese version. Can I use it for the English version?

No. You need to purchase the English version separately.
Manga Studio 5 users can download and use the latest version of Clip Studio Paint for free.

Can I use the iPad version if I have a license for the Windows/macOS version?

We are sorry, but it is not possible to use the iOS version with a license for the Windows/macOS version. A separate application is required.

Buy / Upgrade

How do I upgrade from the trial version to a licensed version?

Both the trial and licensed versions run on the same installer. Clip Studio Paint changes its version according to the serial number. Please start Clip Studio Paint and enter the serial number for the licensed version in the “License Registration” dialogue box. Once you complete this procedure, you will have activated the purchased licensed version and all its features.

How can I upgrade to Clip Studio Paint PRO from DEBUT?

Please follow the steps below to upgrade to PRO from DEBUT.

  2. Click [Register License] from [Help] menu.
    * For MacOSX, click [Register License] from [CLIP STUDIO PAINT].
  3. Enter the new serial number.
  4. Click [Register License] to authenticate the license.
  5. After completing the license authentication, close Clip Studio Paint and start it again. Clip Studio Paint will start in the upgraded edition.How do I upgrade?

How do I upgrade?

CLIP STUDIO PAINT changes its edition according to the serial number. Please start CLIP STUDIO PAINT and follow the steps below:
Select [Register License] from [Help] menu.
For Mac OS X, select [Register License] from [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu.

Enter the serial number for the edition you want to use.
Click [Register License] button.
Follow the dialogue instruction to complete the license registration. Once you complete the above steps, you can use the new edition.

I want to upgrade to Ex from the Pro edition. Do you have a special discount?

We have a special discounted price for Clip Studio Paint Pro customers upgrading to Ex.

Is there a purchase-only version of the iPad version or is there only the subscription version?

There is no purchase-only version, the subscription version is the only one available for the iPad.

What is the grade of the iPad version?

For the iOS version, the functions installed are equivalent to the EX version.

OS / System Requirements

Why is the error message "Could not start due to a syncing issue with the Clip Studio Series product" being displayed and why won’t the program start?

We apologize for the inconvenience.

This error message is displayed because of an issue with the settings file. Try the recovery method below.
The recovery steps vary depending on your Clip Studio Paint version. You will need to check the Version Information using the steps provided below before following the recovery instructions.

  1. 1. Go to [Help] menu (or [Clip Studio Paint] menu on Mac OS X) and select [Version Information].
  2. 2. The version number is indicated next to [Version].

For Version 1.5.4 and later

1. Exit Clip Studio Paint.
2. Delete the following folders :

[On Windows system]

*If the [ProgramData] folder is not shown, go to [Control Panel] > [Appearance and Personalization] > [Folder Options].
In the [View] tab under the [Advanced settings], click [Hidden files and folders] and select the [Show hidden files, folders and drives] radio button. Click [Apply].

[On Mac OS X systems]
Startup Disk (Macintosh HD)/private/tmp/CELSYS****/[interprocess]
*By default, [private] is a hidden folder. You can open the folder using the following steps.

  1. (1) Open the [Applications] folder, go to [Utilities] and start [Terminal].
  2. (2) Input [open /tmp] in Terminal and click Enter.
    *Please input a space between open and /tmp.
  3. (3) Once the tmp folder is displayed, open the [CELSYS****] folder.

3. Restart your computer.

For Version 1.4.1 and earlier

1. Exit Clip Studio Paint.
2. Delete the following folders :

[On Windows system]
*The second folder is only created on Windows 7. For other OS systems, you only need to delete the first folder.

*If the [ProgramData] folder is not shown, go to [Control Panel] > [Appearance and Personalization] > [Folder Options].
In the [View] tab under the [Advanced settings], click [Hidden files and folders] and select the [Show hidden files,folders and drives] radio button. Click [Apply].

[On Mac OS X systems]
Startup Disk (Macintosh HD)/private/tmp/69B6DBD2-8E05-476F-B662-CF8D235FD499
*By default, [private] is a hidden folder. You can open the folder using the following steps.

(1) Open the [Applications] folder, go to [Utilities] and start [Terminal].
(2) Input [open /tmp] in Terminal and click Enter.
*Please input a space between open and /tmp.

3. Restart your computer.

It should be possible to start Clip Studio Paint after completing the steps above.
If the problem persists, please contact our support desk. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Why do I get an error message that my OS is not supported?

The English version of the application will work only with the English OS and the traditional Chinese version only with traditional Chinese.

We do not guarantee the correct functioning of the software if you do not use the correct OS.
We strongly recommend using the appropriate OS and equipment configuration.

Why aren’t my Windows video files being imported or exported in Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.6.2?

Check that Windows Media Player is installed on your computer. If it is not installed, install Windows Media Player and try importing or exporting the video files again. You can download the Media Feature Pack (Windows Media Player) from the Microsoft websites below.

Why isn’t Clip Studio Paint opening with MacOS X?

Clip Studio Paint does not support file systems that distinguish between capital and small case letters.
If formatted with this file system, the application does not open correctly.
If you have a file system that distinguishes between cases, re-install MacOS X after formatting the system to disable case-sensitive systems. Follow the steps below to check if Mac OS X is formatted with a case-sensitive file system.

  1. Click the [Apple] menu and select [About This Mac].
  2. Click [More Info].
  3. After the system profiler starts, open [Hardware] and select [Serial-ATA].
  4. Check the file system of the folder where Clip Studio is installed in the right side of the window.

You can check the file system with the Disk Utility as well.

  1. Choose [Applications] > [Utilities], and double-click [Disk Utility].
  2. Select the volume where Clip Studio is installed and check [Format].

Does Clip Studio Paint support an AZERTY keyboard?

Clip Studio Paint does not support the AZERTY keyboard. It will be considered in future development.

*[W] and [Z] are reversed in the AZERTY keyboard compared to the keyboard used commonly in the U.S. and Japan. There are other differences such as the reverse layout of the [A] and [Q]. Due to these differences, some commands such as shortcut and modifier keys may not work as you expect.

How do I get my sub tools configured after installation?

You can set your configurations correctly right after installation by performing the initialization in the following way:

  1. Close Clip Studio Paint.
  2. Double-click the shortcut icon, pressing the [Shift] key, and start the application.
  3. Check [Tool] to activate and press the [OK] button.

My materials are not showing in the material palette?

  1. Start CLIP STUDIO.
  2. Click the gear mark on the upper right of the screen and select [Maintenance Menu] → [Rebuild Material Database].
  3. Click the gear mark on the upper right of the screen and select [Maintenance Menu] → [Initialize Material Installation].
  4. Click the gear mark on the upper right of the screen and select [Initialize Cloud Material Installation].

Can I open Wacom Manga Canvas files with Clip Studio Paint?

You can open files in the CSNF format, created with Wacom Manga Canvas, with Clip Studio Paint EX.
You cannot import these files with PRO or DEBUT editions.

Select the [File] menu → [Open]. Then, select [Clip Studio storyboard file] and open the appropriate files.

Can I use the iPad version on the iPhone?

The iPad version cannot be used on the iPhone. For details, please check below for information on the exact operating environment.

Tablets and Tablet PCs

Which tablets are compatible with Clip Studio Paint?


Computer compatible with Windows Ink Platform
Tablet or drawing board with integrated LCD screen with pen pressure detection (compatible with Wintab)
For tablets compatible with Wintab, WACOM devices are recommended


Tablet or drawing board with integrated LCD screen with pen pressure detection
WACOM devices are recommended

Why is my tablet running slow?

If you play video clips or run other software at the same time, Clip Studio Paint may work slowly. Close other applications when using Clip Studio Paint.

The following settings may also improve performance.

Windows and Mac

  1. Open preferences.
    Windows: Select the [File] menu → [Preferences].
    Mac: Select the[Clip Studio Paint] menu → [Preferences].
  2. Select [Performance] from the left category.
  3. Increase the value in [Allocate to application].
  4. Close preferences and start Clip Studio Paint again.


  1. Select the [File] menu → [Preferences] and open preferences.
  2. Select [Tablet] from the left category.
  3. Check [Not Omit Drawing Update] in [Drawing Settings].
  4. Close preferences with [OK] and start Clip Studio Paint again.
  5. Open preferences after starting Clip Studio Paint.
  6. The value in [Tablet Settings] varies from [1] to [6]. Change the value from [1] and see if the software works more responsively.
    *It depends on PC which value is appropriate.

Can I draw with finger touch on a tablet PC?

Yes. Apply the following settings.

  1. Select [Modifier Key Settings] in the [File] menu.
  2. Check [Common settings].
  3. If you scroll to the bottom, there is [Single Swipe]. Set [None] and click [OK].
    *Note: Pen touch will not work when the finger touch settings are applied.

If you want to draw with a pen, apply the following settings.

  1. Select [Preferences] in the [File] menu.
  2. Set [Tablet PC] in [Tablet service to use] of [Tablet].

*These changes will be effective after restarting the software.

Is it possible to draw with fingers on the iPad version?

Yes, you can draw with your fingers. In case the use with the finger is scrolling the canvas, please turn off the finger mark icon on the left side of the command bar.

Can I scroll the canvas with my fingers on the iPad version?

It is possible to scroll the canvas, by swiping with two fingers. If you want to scroll with a one-finger swipe, please turn on the finger mark icon on the left side of the command bar.


[Ver.1.7.1] Sub tools set with certain brush tips/texture image materials fail to load normally.

It has been confirmed that when importing sub tools with certain preset brush tip materials/texture image materials in Ver .1.7.1, the image materials will fail to load normally, and will be displayed as ●(black dots).

This will be corrected in following versions.

[Reported image materials]

  1. Real Pencil
  2. Real G-pen
  3. Drawing Pencil 01
  4. Drawing Pencil 02
  5. Drawing Pencil 03
  6. *Soft*A
  7. Drawing paper
  8. Pencil

[Default sub tools that use the reported materials]

  1. [Real pencil] sub tool
  2. [Real G-pen] sub tool
  3. [Design pencil] sub tool
  4. [*Soft*] sub tool

For now, sub tools can be imported normally by moving the “material folder” containing the applicable image materials, following the steps below.


2. Move the following [Paint1 06] folder from the [Install2] folder to the desktop.

C:\USER\USER NAME\Documents\CELSYS\CLIPStudioCommon\Material\Install2

Boot disk/USER/(USER NAME)/Documents/CELSYS/CLIPStudioCommon/Material/Install2

3. Move the [Paint1 06] folder from your desktop into the following [Install] folder.

C:\USER\(USER NAME)\Documents\CELSYS\CLIPStudioCommon\Material\Install

Boot disk/USER/(USER NAME)/Documents/CELSYS/CLIPStudioCommon/Material/Install


5. Click the upper right gear icon → [Maintenance Menu] → [Organize Materials] and wait until the procedure is complete.


Delete the problematic sub tools, and reimport the sub tools.

If the above steps do not work,please report the details to the CELSYS User Support.

■E-Mail Address: CELSYS User Support.

Are there the software and features the same as the Japanese “Clip Studio”?

Yes, The launcher software "Clip Studio" released in the Japanese version is now available in the English version with CSP Ver.1.6.2 or later.
Some services cannot be used with overseas versions.
Services and functions will be added in future.

Do you sell the software in the box/physical CD version?

We only have the digital download version available.

Where can I check the data I produced on the iPad version? Is there a way to move it to PC etc?

For details on how to move files to a PC, please refer here.



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